Science Behind Your Home

Science Behind Your Home

Life At Ecopolitan

In cities like Paris, London, Rome, or Barcelona, residents leave their front door to find everything they need in a safe, delightful environment, just steps away. Ecopolitan offers this same recipe for health, happiness, and livability in Pune.

Residents can walk out their doors to find safe, beautiful, tree-lined streets leading to nearby shops, services, parks, and plazas. They will greet friends and neighbours on the way. They can walk a short block to drop children at school.

can walk a short block to drop children at school. Grandparents, caregivers and children can spend days in the neighbourhood without having to travel across the city to reach shops, cafes, playgrounds, and open spaces. Unlike other new developments in Pune, at Ecopolitan there is no need for residents to fight traffic or ride crowded buses to meet most of their daily needs.

Many Ecopolitan residents will prefer to drive to work. But when they arrive home they will find a restful and healthy place. This is a neighbourhood that makes life easier, one that provides plenty of opportunities for families and neighbours to connect in public. Here, you will enjoy the pleasures of the world’s happiest neighbourhoods.

 Happy City

To improve the health & happiness of the residents and community of Ecopolitan, We approached Happy City a consulting group that helps build happiness into neighborhoods and cities through research, public events & collaborative consulting. Our collaboration with Happy City has helped us to improve many features of our architectural designs and produced ten happiness-centered design strategies to boost connectivity, social opportunities and sense of place, as well as real & perceived levels of security.

  Evidence Of Wellbeing
Our efforts to build health and happiness into communities is evident in our design, we call these our Wellbeing Principles. As you will see these seven principles are rooted in our design strategy which addresses several of our Wellbeing Principles.
  • Healthy Places
  • Places of delight
  • Sociable places
  • Places that matter
  • Resilient places
  • Places of ease
  • Inclusive places

Science Behind Your Home


Ecological construction and building designs play a crucial role in providing an environment for a sustainable, healthy and convenient lifestyle. Right from using low impact architecture to renewable materials to eco-friendly maintenance facilities, Ecopolitan is an endeavour to recreate the long lost synergy between civilization and Mother Nature.

  • Use of ready mix concrete
  • In-site production of precast panels
  • Use of local materials within close proximity of the site
  • Use of compost manures and processed garbage waste for landscaping purposes
  • Proper garbage disposal systems
Ecopolitan is a well-planned, urban project where people of all ethnicities and cultures come together to celebrate life. They are free from all prejudices and stereotypes and live together as a community that respects all individuals for who they are.

The project comprises one Residential Tower and one commercial building adjacent to the highway.

The tower within a phase is connected by an intricate network of pathways and walkways present on an internal landscaped open space. The tower has a single core which connects six units. These six units comprise of 2bhk apartments.

A contemporary modern architectural style of design with state-of-the-art construction techniques and features has been adopted, the USP and concept of which is to stride away from the mundane designs, and to conceive and create a whole new experience with respect to the lifestyle, usability and aesthetics for the end users.

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